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Mettler-Toledo Food Scales and Auto Wrappers| Globe Slicing - bProbPro Counter Scale

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The bPro Counter Scale is the scale you need at an affordable price. Packed with professional features, bPro will exceed performance, without straining your budget.

At METTLER TOLEDO, we understand the complexities of the retail business. That’s why we created bPro, a scale that you can choose today with the confidence of knowing that it will perform well for many years.

When you purchase a bPro you will be able to:

  • Make it easier for your employees to do their jobs
  • Market to your customers in new and innovative ways
  • Minimize operation costs while saving money on every transaction

Mettler-Toledo Food Scales and Auto Wrappers| Globe Slicing - 880880 Auto Wrapper

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The METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper is the perfect choice for grocery retailers looking for an efficient and robust system for automated weighing, wrapping and labeling in the backroom. Easy handling, comprehensive functionality, and reliability – as well as a proactive service and maintenance offering – make the 880 Auto Wrapper the perfect machine for retailers who wish to optimize their operational uptime and total cost of ownership while easily keeping pace in the highest volume meat backrooms.

Operational Uptime:

The 880 Auto Wrapper is built for the most demanding meat and seafood operations. The machine is robust and durable, easy to operate and easy to clean. To safeguard operational uptime, the 880 Auto Wrapper comes with comes with fixed services during planned operational downtimes.

Total Cost of Ownership:

The 880 Auto wrapper is designed to control the total cost of ownership. The machine is easy to use, helping retailers avoid long training times. With an operational footprint of 20 ft - one of the smallest footprints for a fully automated wrapper on the market – the 880 Auto Wrapper matches the highest demand.

Increased Productivity:

The 880 Auto Wrapper produces the perfect wrap every time. The machine makes it fast and easy for every operator to control production runs with the tactile keypad and touchscreen. Operators can load trays quickly, as the wrapper automatically moves the tray into the proper position for wrapping.

Mettler-Toledo Food Scales and Auto Wrappers| Globe Slicing - impact-sImpact S Counter Scale

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Fully-featured, Value Priced

Building on the Mettler-Toledo commitment to outstanding and long-lasting value, the Impact S is packed with features that make a difference. From the multi interval load cell and state-of-the-art user interface, to the large label roll and hi-resolution label graphics, the Impact S is designed to deliver unprecedented value. When paired with our remote service tools, such as Windataback, and our network of service professionals, the Impact S provides outstanding total cost of ownership.

Impact S will boost profits, promote your In-Store messages, and allow customer service associates to take care of your customers, rather than take care of your equipment. Let METTLER TOLEDO demonstrate how your organization can use this product to positively ‘Impact” the bottom line.

Mettler-Toledo Food Scales and Auto Wrappers| Globe Slicing - impact-mImpact M Counter Scale

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Increase Profit Margins, Increase Productivity

Transitioning to a new, more capable counter scale has never been easier – or more affordable.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Impact M is the most advanced counter scale in its class. It offers the accuracy, easy operation and rugged construction you need for years of worry-free use – even in the busiest Fresh departments. From its precise weighing technology and large label roll, to the high resolution label graphics and full-color state-of-the-art touch user interface (the largest in its class), the Impact M delivers unprecedented value. Best of all, the Impact M integrates smoothly with most existing scale networks, and is supported by METTLER TOLEDO’s intelligent management tools and our extensive network of service professionals.

Mettler-Toledo Food Scales and Auto Wrappers| Globe Slicing - uc-evoUC Evo Line

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High-End PC-Based Scale with Touch-Screen Control for High Counters

The intuitive UC-CWQ Evo CT scale is the ideal choice for companies looking for a high performance and slimline counter scale for the most stringent demands. You can use the bright touchscreen in hygiene and sales training sessions for your staff or exploit the benefits of real-time access to information databases, which can help you increase your staff’s selling and advisory skills at the service counter. User-friendly, interactive and highly accurate, the UC-CWQ Evo CT opens the door to a new level of self-service shopping for customers.

Professional Advice

Whether providing hygiene information, keeping staff up-to-date with new regulatory policies, providing expert advice about recipes, or offering information about ingredients and their origin: the touchscreen is the perfect platform for innovative staff training and providing customers with valuable tips during the sales process.

Visual Sales Promotions

Stimulate targeted purchase incentives for lucrative extra revenue – in both food and non-food areas. Whether gourmet week, salad dressing tips, or a tasting tour: with the bright customer display, the UC-CWQ Evo CT whets your customers' appetites for your products.

Self-Service Weighing

Build loyalty with customer-friendly self- service solutions. The large color touch- screen and graphical user interface offers customers the ultimate in convenience when choosing products. This means fast and problem-free weighing even at peak times, resulting in a more pleasing shopping experience.

Optional Barcode Scanner

The UC-CWQ Evo CT is available with an optional barcode scanner which can capture the GS1 Databar as well as most other standard barcodes. Barcode scan- ning virtually eliminates product identification errors and allows the retailer to link multiple vendors to the same PLU, improving support of inventory/category management and traceability initiatives.

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