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Mainca Table Top Wrappers: Kitchen Equipment | Globe Slicing - em-stufferAxle Mounted Table Top Wrappers

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Features & Benefits:

  • All Stainless Construction: For Durable Long Life
  • Stainless Steel Lid & Piston: (Optional on EM-20 & EM-30) - For USDA Approved Facilities
  • Side-Mounted Knee Switch: For More Comfortable Operation & Less Knee Strain
  • Powerful Motor: For Faster Stuffing with Stiff Products
  • Variable Speed with Built-in Pressure Gauge: For Precise Product Control & Power
  • Enclosed Oil Reservoir: Eliminates Spills while Moving
  • Three Stuffing Horns Included: For Maximum Flexibility (Choose from 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 mm)
  • Water Tight Construction: For Carefree Hose-Down Cleaning
  • Auto Piston Decompression: For Less Overstuffing & Bleed-off when Knee Switch is Released
  • Removable Piston & Swing-Out Lid: For Easy Cleaning
  • Smooth Product Discharge Path: Eliminates Clogging & Product Discoloration
  • Knee Switch “Auto-On”: For Noise Free Idle Time (3 phase only)


  • Manual Portion Control Head: For Precise Filling of Bags & Casings
  • Anti-title Trolley & Castors: For Safe, Stable, Easy, Strain-Free Moving
  • Depositing “L” Tube with Flap Valve: For Quick, Accurate, Drip-less Filing of Liquid Products
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