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Heat Seal Products: Kitchen Equipment | Globe Slicing - 825Axle Mounted Table Top Wrappers

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Models: 625A, 625A Mini, 625A24, 825A/875A


  • Standard 115V Power Supply
  • Solid State Controlled Film Cut Off Rod
  • Thermostatically controlled Hot Plate with Non-Stick, Re-placeable Cover
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Base
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • 201 -16 Gauge Stainless Steel Wrapping Bridge Constructed of NSF/ANSI 51-2012 Approved Materials
  • Large Rubber Feet

Available Options:

  • 8” by 15” Hot Plate with Belly Guard for 625/825/875
  • Model 50 Stand for 625A/825A/875A
  • 12 Hour Timer
  • 220 Volt Power Supply

Heat Seal Products: Kitchen Equipment | Globe Slicing - table-stand1EnergySmart Wrapper Floor Model

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Model 200ES

On demand seal plate significantly reduces energy consumption


  • NEW FILM CRADLE MOUNT: Saves Labor, Film Changeover is Fast and Easy with New Design; No Initial Set up or Assembly
  • Fixed Distance Photoeye to Detect All Tray Colors
  • Self-Regulating Boardless Square Rod for Increased Transversal Rigidity and Consistent Cutting
  • Two Color LED for Photoeye Indication is Amber to Convey Seal Plate Heating, and Red when Seal Plate Reaches Sealing Temperature
  • NEW Circuit Breakers Replace Fuses for Fast and Easy Reset with Less Maintenance
  • On-Demand Timer Controlled Heated Seal Plate That Significantly Reduces Power Consumption by 80%
  • Seal Plate Reaches Seal Temperature Within Seconds
  • Thermistor Controlled Circuit that Reduces Power Consumption as Residual Heat Increases in Seal Plate
  • GFCI for Improved Circuit Integrity and Protection
  • Stainless Steel Front Plate for Easy Wipe Down
  • Rigid Aluminum And Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Wrapping Surface
  • 20” Maximum Roll Width, 8” Maximum Roll Diameter
  • 8” x 15” Seal Plate - Comparable to: 104A, 107A, 102A; Great for Family Pack Trays
  • Supplied With A Replaceable Non-Stick Cover to Maintain A Hygienic Seal Surface
  • Local Utility Rebates may be Available